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Server back Online
03/05/2004 | Wolf
Thanks to all those players who have helped us in any ways to put things back on track. We are trying all our means to ensure that such cases don't happen again. In the mean time, kill some monsters!

Unexpected Server Crash Fixed
30/04/2004 | Wolf
Sorry for the delay in getting the server back online, we are still running multiple tests and trial runs on the fixed bugs to ensure that such crashes could be avoided. We wish for your understanding in the matter

Unexpected Server Crash
28/04/2004 | Wolf
The server was down from yesterday around GMT 1430hrs, we have loacted the problem and fixing it right now. Please be assured that all your characters are backup and shouldn't have any problem when the server is up again. The lost of experiences should be minimum as it happened soon after the backup. We are sorry for the incident and is trying everthing we can to prevent this from happening again.

New Mosters/Creatures from expansion packs
02/04/2004 | Wolf
Many should already had noticed the new monsters and creatures in many area of Louhan and Pyrton. Watch out for more as they come!

SOL and HOUD expansion
22/03/2004 | Wolf
Finally! Expansions added to our server! SOL and HOUD are added and will are adding in the monsters into our map as we speak. Watch out for them!

New North Island Villages in Kainate
22/09/2003 | Wolf
The small villages in the north Islands are being added to the map. Explore them for more quests and NPCs!

New south Island Villages in Kainate
02/08/2003 | Wolf
The small villages in the south Islands are being added to the map. Explore them for more quests and NPCs!

Server Backup Schedule
16/06/2003 | Wolf
As of today, server backup will be done daily instead of weekly due to the heavy traffic. The backup will starts at GMT 1200hrs to 1330hrs. We can sorry for any problem caused.

Server Back Online
13/04/2003 | Wolf
Finally after many months of re-organized maps and server rules, we are back in action! Join back the server to regain procession of your characters! Please email the support for missing or invalid characters.

Server Issues
01/10/2002 | Wolf
We have relocated our servers, and are configuring them right now. The forum is not working right, so all other servers are still down at the moment. We will post here on the changes to the servers ASAP.

More to see under the server page
16/09/2002 | Wolf
Thanks to Qstats 2.5b, you can now see who is inside the server without starting the game. Click on the Our Servers page and check it out.

Sorry for not updating for two weeks, the module takes more time than I expected. And along with other unexpection happenings... like Battle Field 1942. But be assure I'm devoting all my spare time in the upcoming module.

In the mean time, please key in your characters under the Player Characters section.

Time to showcase/off your characters
30/08/2002 | Wolf
Click on the Character Profiles to add/edit your characters. To view other players' characters, simply click on Player Characters and list the character names.

We have more than 750 accounts and about 1000 characters, saved under our server character vault. We'll see how many of them stayed with us, when we see the character list grows.

Please support by adding your genuine character details.

Site Updates on D&D
27/08/2002 | Wolf
Everything on the right menu is ready, except the About D&D section which need more research. Learn more about the different races and classes, even deities in the world of D&D. Thanks to Ivan aka Darksoul again for his effort and time in compiling the materials.

In the meantime, please login and add your Character Profiles under the Member's Area, you will be able to showcase them every soon this week.

On the development of the module Shadoron Isle, we have finish a few areas and would be featuring it soon sometime next week. Meanwhile, check out the final version of the map on the right. There might still be changes to the map, we will keep you guys informed.

More Site Updates
24/08/2002 | Wolf
The Character Profile feature is ready. You can find it under the Member's Area after you have log in. Go add your characters now! I'm now working on the Community section, where you'll get to show your characters to the world under Player Characters, or you can Search Characters to see what other people are doing.

Most of the materials for details of D&D on the right menu bar is ready, thanks to the great support from Ivan aka Darksoul, who compiled the contents. Please give him a big round of applauses for the many late nights that he had went through to get it done.
*clap* *clap* *clap*

Stay tuned for more on our module updates: Shadoron Isle

NeverwinterPortal.com Site Updates
21/08/2002 | Wolf

Most of the clickable links on the left menu bar are available. GM members should have no problem with them. Most of the features are linked directly to the GM website, thus members visiting both sites could be seen between these two site. In future, there will be an indication on the See Who's Online page, which site is the member currently online at, to avoid confusion.

The D&D menu items on the right hand side are linked yet. We are rushing as fast as we can to complete them. The scheduled date for the completion of the site is as mentioned.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Welcome to NeverwinterPortal.com
20/08/2002 | Wolf

As you can see, we are still under heavy construction, that should be done by this weekend. We are sorry for the dead links that you might click on, be informed by staying tuned to the latest news here on NWP. Our forum is ready for posting, register fast before your favourite nick is taken. This forum account is different from the one at GM, so GM members need to register a new account on this forum.

NWP is a project under GameMetropolis.com, thus members of GM do not need to signup again for the membership, as the database is shared between the two website.

We are now in the process of building our own module named "Shadoron Isle". The list of Dungeon Masters will be ready soon, and everyone of us look forward in having a great time with players from anywhere in the World!

As one of our DM might say (I personally love this statement), "Old adventurers never die, they only went to Hades to regroup".

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