Character   48    
Soldier   18   38%
Rogue   9   19%
Mage   9   19%
Priest   12   25%
The Descendants TeamSpeak Server
Wolf | 22/08/2008 18:00hrs
The merging of the 3 guilds (Fist of Crom, Nothing Scared and Radical Dreamers) is underway. Please leave current guild and send /tell to the following officiers to invite you to the new guild The Descendants:

Fate, Novalis, Baracuda or Rexras.

This site will be modified under the new guild branding. Forum registration will not need activation from forum admin, but account which is found not to be our members will be removed without any warning.

There will also no longer be any self-updating of character list, as it will be done by a few selected officers. The banner will be modified for new members use soon.

I wish everyone will enjoy the company of the new guildies as we had in FoC.

Wolf | 11/08/2008 23:45hrs
The guild poster I submitted got into
the top ten on AOCStratics!

Many thanks to everyone who has
posed their character for me to take
screenshot of!

Hope everyone likes the new logo and
slogon, its all impromptu.

Full details over here!

Wolf | 26/06/2008 20:45hrs
Level value now has to be set under character detail. I decided on this change cause I realise that having the banner on multiple forums could be troublesome to update. You are still able to select 5x for level between 50 to 59 like before, if you don't feel the need for accurate value.

You don't need to edit any of the forum script for this change.

See ya in AoC!

Wolf | 06/06/2008 12:50hrs
This site serves two main purpose. To keep track of members activities in the guild, and provide interaction via our private forums. Guests are allowed to read but not post in the forums.

If you are already a member of the guild please register on this site. Create your own list of characters in Gwahlur so that everyone is current on who are those they can count on to charge into battles.

Customized guild banner is put on hold till we get a few templates ready. And the guild logo is undergoing finalization phase.

Although we are currently not aggressive about recruiting (yet!), we still welcome anyone who is keen on joining us for fun and adventure. Please send tell in-game to Wolfguard or Tyrannus for an invitation into our guild.

Wolf | 06/06/2008 12:00hrs
Fist of Crom is founded by hardcore gamers from Hellgate: London (SEA) Community in search for higher quality gaming opportunity. They were exploring few new games to move into until they chanced upon Age of Conan. The gamers fell in love with the game and thus Fist of Crom was born.